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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

C&G Casual Nylon Lightweight Travel Camping Foldable Skin Backpack School Daypack


If there's one thing you need at this back to school time, it's going to be a back pack. However, if you're someone like me, you only use your back pack half the time and you need to be able to store it the rest of the time. For me, it's hard finding a place to store a full sized back pack. I live in a room inside a small house and have no closet to speak of. So, having something that can easily be quite a bit smaller is rather important to me and that's something this backpack can do!

My favorite feature of this backpack is the fact that it has a built in pouch for storing it. You just fold it up into the pouch and zip it up and your backpack is much, much smaller and easier to store away! It's great for the person with very little storage space as well as those that only use their backpacks during the school season and need to put them up when they're not going. That way you know it's safe and don't have to buy a new one next year!

It is a very good size for pretty much anyone. You, yourself can use it or your child can. It's not heavy at all and will be able to hold whatever you want it too. I have used mine to carry my laptop, my tablet and college text books. Its strong enough to carry all of that without straining or ripping but not so bulky that it adds extra weight to what you're carrying. You have multiple pockets to store items. I was lucky enough that my tablet fit in the front pocket which kept is safe from all the heavy books I carried. With all the different places to store items, this backpack is great for school or sports or anything you need it for.

One big draw is actually its price! I work in a retail store and I saw backpacks that weren't half as good as this one going for twenty or thirty dollars. For a very cheap price you get a very nice quality backpack that can be easily stored and used whenever you need it. It might not be brand name or a fashion statement but it's a nice, durable backpack that will last you quite a while as long as you don't try to destroy it. I would definitely recommend it!

Disclaimer: Most, if not all, of the products on this blog were given to me at a deeply discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review and product testing purpose. All opinions given are my own and do not guarantee that your experience with the product will be the same. 

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